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What are your areas of interest in Auroville, and in what areas haveĀ  you already worked in?
I have worked at OutreachMedia, as liaison for local media I provide legal consultations for Official groups of Auroville , sometimes for personal matters of individual Aurovilians and rarely to units. My main area of work is with Name and Symbol of Auroville Protection group, engaged in protecting the name and symbol of Auroville, as per the Emblems and Names (Prevention of improper use) Act. I have a small activity called House of Harmony, where I create some handmade jewelry.

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Please mention one or two key changes that you would like to see in the community.
1) One of the changes I believe will make a big difference is to acknowledge each other. (It is my personal dream to see individuals, working groups have a system of acknowledging an email received.) This point makes me realise I understand conceptually what I like to see as change but I don’t have practical ideas to implement. thank you. this is food for thought.

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