Ulrich Blass

 In FAMC Candidates, Main Working Groups 2019

Which working group

What area of work are you interested in?
Reducing bureaucracy, while at the same time creating viable guidelines to support our economy and the commercial growth..

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Describe your skill set
I have served in many major working groups, specifically two terms at the FAMC. I am also a long standing member of the ABC support group.

Describe your strength
Understanding of Auroville’s functioning. Familiar with electronic tools for facilitating group decisions. Good command of English. Extensive experience in administration. Experience also in managing commercial units. Interested to further explore the “No-Exchange-of-money Economy”.

Time available for this work

Your aspirations and vision for this work
Improve efficiency in decision making. Strike a balance between Governing Board demands regarding compliance with administrative norms and community needs of experimentation and self determination.

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