In Candidates, Entry Board 2019

Would you like to be part of the new Entry Board?
Yes, I would like to be a candidate for the new Entry Board

What skills can you offer, if you are selected in the new Entry Board?
How can you best contribute and be in service?

I wish first of all to do the best I can to contribute to the community. Since 30 years I had explored many dimensions and now I feel it is time to share that experience. I like to work in a group, the TFRC was a good first step.

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What are your aspiration and vision for this work?
To increase the community of Auroville, I will like to help the bioregion of the city to be more representative. I would like to learn more following the mentoring process where I am already part. I will be full time dedicated to the Entry Board with the spirit of equanimity.

Time available for this work
Full Time

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