In Main Working Groups 2019, WC Candidates

Which working group
Working Committee

What area of work are you interested in?
Public relations, being in contact with our neighboring villages, helping to resolve conflicts, organizing community events, any emergency support required for the community and dealing with administrative matters..

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Describe your skill set
I am good at managing and communicating with people. I am also good in administration skills. I am an active listener and am dependable. I like working in a team and am also good in liaising with government officials.

Describe your strength
I am a good organizer and have a good record as a hard-working member. I believe in keeping the community informed on various matters and also take input from the community. I take initiatives to complete various tasks.

I have been part of the Working Committee, 10 years ago for a good number of years and have effectively worked with the various task of the Working Committee. I have served the community from my heart.

Time available for this work

Your aspirations and vision for this work
My dream is to work and focus towards the Mother’s dream and Unity of Auroville community which includes people from all nationality and background to be supported and seen equally.

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