In Main Working Groups 2019, TDC Candidates

Would you like to be part of the Main Working Groups Selection Process?
Yes, as a candidate

Which working group are you nominating yourself for?
L’avenir d’Auroville interface team

What areas of work are you interested in?
I am interested in all area of development in Auroville, infrastructure, housing, water conservation, energy saving, electric mobility, implementation of the master plan and the Galaxy as envisioned by the Mother.

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Please describe your skill-set
In Auroville, I worked for 6 years in the Housing Service. Then project manager of Kalpana project, in constant relation and close work with the architects, builders, contractors, engineers, finance management.

Please describe your strength
Determination, confidence, constantly aspiring for improvement in the work.

Time available for this work
Start with part time and can work for full time if it is needed.

Please briefly and clearly describe your aspirations and vision for this work
Active participation for building our infrastructure, the protection and consolidation of the Auroville land in the master plan, in order to secure the future and be able to build the city in accordance with the master plan and the galaxy. Less bureaucracy, encourage and facilitate all the initiatives for the building of Auroville.

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Claude, Sanjana