In AVC Candidates, Main Working Groups 2019

Which working group
AV Council

What area of work are you interested in?
Communication, transparency, justice, environment.

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Describe your skill set
Speak English, French, Tamil. Write English, French.
Clear mind, can track an issue.
Can summarize and communicate.
Have learned active listening with open heart with Restorative Circles.
Can keep financial accounts

Describe your strength
In Auroville since 1980.
Have always been in Services.
Have set up environment and animal related projects.
Am focussed on a goal and deliver.

Time available for this work

Your aspirations and vision for this work
Auroville Council is one body that can take ground breaking initiatives, set up projects towards realizing the ideals of Auroville.
More efficiency, accountability,transparency, justice and heart, in our administration, I wish to contribute to.

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