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Would you like to be part of the new Entry Board?
Yes, I would like to be a candidate for the new Entry Board

What skills can you offer, if you are selected in the new Entry Board?
How can you best contribute and be in service?

All secretarial skills.
Conducting interviews and sharings with the applicants, aspirants and Newcomers in order to understand them and help them in their process of choosing Auroville as their place of stay and service. Help them integrate in the community on different levels – from administrative to ideological.
To be a group player is very important when working in a group. To understand each other’s views and to arrive at a harmonious conclusion is very much essential – I believe I can contribute positively to this process. I served the Entry Board for more than a year. Confidence has been built within to be of service to this essential function of the community. There is a lot to say about the detailed function of Entry Board for which I feel comfortable with my available skills. It is not only the skills that are needed, the values also. I feel comfortable with the requisite values too.

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What are your aspiration and vision for this work?
To be an instrument in the hands of the intangible energy that is behind everything in Auroville.

Time available for this work
Full Time

Which domains have you worked in at Auroville? And what are other areas of your interest?
Education – as a teacher in transition School – 3 years, Business – the first manager of Farm Fresh-2 1/2 years, SAIIER administration – 9 years, BCC – as SAIIER representative – a full term of 3 years, Entry Board – more than a year.

Please mention one or two key changes that you would like to see in the way the community welcome newcomers
1. We should be warmly welcoming the Newcomers without any prejudice.
2. This must support and nurture the genuine motivation of someone aspiring to participate in the project of Auroville and the purpose it stands for.

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