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Would you like to be part of the new Entry Board?
Yes, I am happy to participate but only as a resource person or a Newcomer mentor

What are your aspiration and vision for this work?
To contribute towards an open and sincere Entry process for all new potential members of Auroville.

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Time available as a resource person
Part Time

Which domains have you worked in at Auroville? And what are other areas of your interest?
I was involved in the Entry Task Group which created the previous Entry Policy which was then changed with the current policy which has been under review after its one year trial. I have worked in Matrimandir Gardens, now work in Botanical Gardens, have been involved in most community meetings and the Retreat concerning Organization and Governance, along with many other areas of interest… I have been a mentor since the beginning of the Mentor system.

Please mention one or two key changes that you would like to see in the way the community welcome newcomers
Less judgment and more flexibility, but especially less rigidity regarding the process and the difficulties created for Newcomers by silly bureaucratic rules that don’t help Newcomers easily assimilate into the community – financially, spiritually, and otherwise.

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