Luca Baldesi

 In Main Working Groups 2019, TDC Candidates

Would you like to be part of the Main Working Groups Selection Process?
Yes, as a candidate

Which working group are you nominating yourself for?
L’avenir d’Auroville interface team

What areas of work are you interested in?
City water plan, (currently in-charge of Mm water system, of the city water distribution RZ, Habitat, Kottakarai), interested in Infrastructure, ‘smart city systems’, and Water infrastructure in particular.

2nd profile: Water infra

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Specific expertise needed:
Technical background either with design, architecture, building construction or planning.

2nd profile:
-Mm Waterincharge coordinator for the last 20 years,
-Biggest city water distribution Aws exe.
-The Varuna water infra works
-Naturellement team

Please describe your other skills:
Geometra Eng. degree, water distribution systems,mapping, surveys, Solar systems,water bodies, big infra.piping works,etc.

2nd profile:
Geometra degrees, water infra expert, land surveyor and building design, alternative energies implementation experience, etc.

Time available for this work:

Please briefly and clearly describe your aspirations and vision for this work:
To develop and sustain the implementation of the Av infrastructure and in particular of the water plan in all its aspects: distribution sourcing, fundraising.

2nd profile:
Having been the implementer and manager of the Av biggest water works and involved in Av general city infra, I would like to help progress in this aspect and other as well.

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