In Main Working Groups 2019, TDC Candidates

Which working group
L’avenir d’Auroville Interface Team

What area of work are you interested in?
Good Question, I think the areas that are the most urgently to be done to get some positive reactions of the community.

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Describe your skill set
I come from very different areas
Finished my education in Belgium at the university as an industrial designer being a 5 year study.
After some years in the construction world I came in the world of piping design and this in several disciplines going from chemical / petrochemical / nuclear projects as well as in the glass industry ( glass furnaces for fleet glass and fiberglass ) / incineration installations and automotive industry.
Had also an education as cost controller in a big petrochemical project.
Had jobs in different countries, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Techie, France and Luxembourg.
Was project manager in several projects.
My last job was in the high pressure gas transportation in Belgium, being a site manager in several compression stations in Belgium and working in the pipelines as responsible for the welding and testing of the pipes (84 bars working pressure, pipes diameter of 1 meter) This over a length of 150 Km.

Describe your strength
I think i’m quiet good of working under pressure keeping the goal for eyes
Have some knowledge in the construction world and this in different areas
Have some experience in working with teams

Time available for this work
Other: difficult to say, if I prefer a full time or part time job, depending of the presentation and the scope of work.

Your aspirations and vision for this work
Being here some year in Auroville, since 2011, and experienced the problematic of L’avenir, I just want to help to find some solutions for the existing problems. I do believe in the city of Dawn and i do believe strongly in the charter of Auroville. Manifestation of the dream is the challenge and I hope that perhaps I could help in this manifestation.

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