In Main Working Groups 2019, Participants

What are your areas of interest in Auroville, and in what areas have  you already worked in?
‘All life is yoga’! Everything that brings Auroville closer to the Dream of the Divine… I love learning, with so much to be learnt in this amazing place! With a background mainly in arts, music, education, health care, and a deep connection to Nature, I love discovering the precious treasures each of us carries within… (Warning -I am useless at: excel sheets, accounting and bureaucracy 🙂 ) My primary work being on the farm, I am only offering to participate in the selection process because I feel it is a responsibility we should all share to the greatest possible extent, therefore if there is a need, I am available and will do my best…

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Please mention one or two key changes that you would like to see in the community.
1) – I believe we should put strong emphasis on cultivating communication skills and community building.
– I believe a large community like Auroville can only function on the basis of well functioning, healthy and happy small communities that together make up the bigger whole.
– I also welcome the call for a reviewing and transformation of our governance system, carried by our deepest aspirations, collective Wisdom and Her Grace…
– I imagine an Auroville where each one gives regularly some time to volunteer in a community service, as a step towards greater sense of belonging and a living togetherness.

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