In Main Working Groups 2019, Participants

Would you like to be part of the Main Working Groups Selection Process?
Yes, as a Participant

What are your areas of interest in Auroville, and in what areas have you already worked in?

Health, organization, education, communication.
I have worked as a mentor, team member, and Biology teacher in Future School, content writer in AVAG, writer for the Auroville Today, 50th team member for 1.5 years, and as member of the Working Committee for past three years.

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Please mention one or two key changes that you would like to see in the community
The changes:
1. A movement towards increased individual and collective discipline,
2. Increased community participation in Auroville’s organization; let’s not assume that non-participation falls under universal suffrage and is necessarily because people don’t want to. Make the right choice the easy choice and things may change 🙂
3. Moving away from judgement and making assumptions about others, and looking inwards for the answers.
4. Let’s be BOLD.

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