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Review of Code of Conduct (CoC)

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In response to a petition from over 60 residents the Residents’ Assembly Service (RAS) is hosting a General Meeting on its GM+ platform on the topic of reviewing the present Code of Conduct (CoC) document, and through an Residents’ Assembly Decision (RAD) the creation of a taskforce to prepare an alternative document to be presented to the RAD.

Background Information

The Petition’s proposal is to create a taskforce made up of income-generating and service trustees/executives & members of FAMC to review the present Code of Conduct (CoC) document, and prepare together an alternative document to be presented to the community for ratification.

This GM+ may form part of a Residents’ Assembly Decision making process (RAD) on this topic.

Reference documents


File File size Downloads
png Petition Received by RAS 2 MB 25
pdf Code of Conduct 2017 122 KB 14
pdf Amended Code of Conduct (Not ratified by the RA yet) 247 KB 27

Interactive Zoom Session

An interactive ZOOM session will be arranged on: FRIDAY, October 30, 4 PM – 6 PM

You can get into the meeting room on the above date and time using this link:

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