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As most community members are aware, there has been an ongoing issue with the laying of the HT line through the Bliss area and the Youth Centre. In order to find a solution to lay this cable, Forest Group and the Youth Centre have decided to call a General Meeting on the subject.

The purpose of the meeting is to share with the community the process which has been followed so far and the viewpoint of the Forest Group and Youth Centre. In order to lay the cable with the least impact to the environment and the YC, we propose to follow an alternate route, detailed in an EIA (environmental impact assessment) carried out at the request of the TDC. This alternate route would allow for a swift implementation of laying the HT line and was the  favoured direction of the stakeholder meeting held at the Youth Centre on November 2nd, 2020, and attended by representatives of the WC, FAMC, GOI Grant Group, TDC, AVES, Unity Fund, FG and YC.

Short interviews with

View more interviews from David Nightingale

Debating the Road

Galaxy Verses The Master Plan

Representation of our Values

Water in Planning

Weaving nature and urban form

What blocks decision making

View more interviews from Pino

View more interviews from Suhasini

Integrated Planning

Politics and Development

Role of a Planner

Timeline leading to the issue of the HT cable in Bliss Forest

Water and Development

View more interviews from Lata

Crown Guidelines

Panning Guidelines verses The Master Plan


Human Unity

Manifestation of the Crown

View more interviews from Lalit

Genesis of our current Master Plan – Perspective Master Plan: 2000-2025

Human Unity ( from Decentralised Development experience to living together in an Area)

Learning Society Lens (pooling of our learning experiences & abilities for Co-creation)

Participatory Planning Experiences of our Community

More interviews will be added shortly.

Reference documents


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jpg Intro RoWs as per Master Plan 2025 751 KB 221
jpg HT Ring Bliss EIA July 2020 Map 503 KB 200
jpg Urban Forests Watersheds 777 KB 224
jpg Auroville Today - Feb 2021 - RoWs 1 MB 214

Zoom video broadcast

An Zoom video broadcast session will be arranged on: SATURDAY, March 27th, 3:55 PM – 6 PM

You can get into the meeting room on the above date and time using this link:

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