Ganesh Kaliappan

 In AVC Candidates, Main Working Groups 2019

Which working group
AV Council

What area of work are you interested in?
The field work which involves reaching out to community members and organising resources for various activities.
Manage groups/ activities/ tasks and interact with needful people in the process.
Providing local knowledge and information for different fields including financial, resource people etc etc.

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Describe your skill set
Organisational skills
Local management
Ground Work
Communication and interaction skills
Working with Children

Describe your strength
To stay calm and not panic in difficult times
Sense of humor and friendliness with all age groups.

Time available for this work

Your aspirations and vision for this work
To have my calmness acted and be able to harmonise and resolve any conflicts between the residents of Auroville and bring all community members and groups together to realise this dream.

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