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Would you like to be part of the new Entry Board?
Yes, I would like to be a candidate for the new Entry Board

What skills can you offer, if you are selected in the new Entry Board?
How can you best contribute and be in service?
Yes, I am already part of the present Entry Board. I have been experiencing for one year the entry process of new applicants joining Auroville. For me its very interesting work and would like to continue.

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What are your aspiration and vision for this work?
To welcome new applicants with an Aurovilian spirit with positive energy and guide them through their process and integrate into our Auroviie Community. To treat any candidate as a applicant and evaluate their intention to join Auroville with truer aspiration. I start with half time may change into full time.

Time available for this work
Part time

Which domains have you worked in at Auroville? And what are other areas of your interest?
I have been working in administration and accounts in Auroville service organization for past 35 Years. I felt to change and get different experiences and gain knowledge for my inner growth and development. As am already in present Entry Board I see big changes within me and felt I was in a bubble for all these years for which I regret so much. Its learning and enriching experiences which am going through with present Entry Board. I thank and grateful to the community for giving me this opportunity.

Please mention one or two key changes that you would like to see in the way the community welcome newcomers
Clear and Proper guidance be given from the beginning to newcomers as defined in the Entry policy.
Friendly and gentle welcoming attitude towards the Newcomers.

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