In Main Working Groups 2019, Participants

Would you like to be part of the Main Working Groups Selection Process?
Yes, as a Participant

What are your areas of interest in Auroville, and in what areas have you already worked in?

Areas of interest are education, administration, communication, among others. I co-founded Center for Further Learning, which evolved into Future School, and worked there for almost 20 years; I have been in the Entry Group, an early AV Council, the Working Committee, School Board; I am currently an executive of SAIIER, member secretary of the SAIIER Board, member of the FAMC and part of the 50th Anniversary Coordination Team.

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Please mention one or two key changes that you would like to see in the community
One of the key changes I would like to see is that we are less critical of each other. We are very good at criticizing and complaining but not so good at offering appreciation and understanding. It would also be helpful to work on our self awareness as individuals and asking if we are truly in the ‘right’ place as far as work, while taking into account where we are as a community and as human beings.

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