In AVC Candidates, Main Working Groups 2019

Which working group
AV Council

What area of work are you interested in?
Conflict resolutions, policies and mandates. I am an all rounder. I can bowl, bat and field well.

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Describe your skill set
I am a very skilled person. Maybe something that the present working groups may not poses. I can read and write in 3 languages except Sanskrit that Mother has spoken about languages one needs to know to be living in Auroville. There are plenty of skills i have learned during my 45 years of living in Auroville.

Describe your strength
Trying to live by Mothers ideals & Dream and expecting others to be the same is my strengths.

Time available for this work

Your aspirations and vision for this work
I presently see the setup in huge mess. If selected would like to bring major changes.

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