Arbiter Nomination 2020

for the Auroville Council

Please mark YES for the people you think they should join the pool of arbiters.

Please mark NO for the people you think they should not join the pool of arbiters.

Please mark I DON’T KNOW for the people you don’t know or if you aren’t sure they should join the pool of arbiters.

Name: Amos

Community: Evergreen

AV Work place: Evergreen forest, The Laundry

Relevant experience:

Name: Angelo

Community: Creativity

AV Work place: Bharat Nivas

Relevant experience: Former member of AV Council, Entry Board. Have worked before for FAMC, L'avenir.

Name: Divya Kapoor

Community: Grace

AV Work place: SAIIER, Sunlit Future, Financial Services Investments

Relevant experience: 20 years through multiple issues.

Name: Eric Chacra

Community: Baraka

AV Work place: Auro Orchard

Relevant experience:

Name: Hans Nijsse

Community: Abri Forest

AV Work place: Green group, BCC

Relevant experience:

Name: Indra

Community: Prarthna

AV Work place: AVSST

Relevant experience: 3+ years of service in Interventions and management in AVSST, with follow ups on cases like domestic violence, Police complaints and other conflicts.

Name: Inge van Alphen

Community: Gaia

AV Work place: Auroville Consultants

Relevant experience: Master in Global Health and Human rights (University Maastricht) and a double major BSc in Biology and Sustainable Development. Was a member of the Working Committee and FAMC.

Joyfully participated in RCs, mediation sessions as well as an appeal process, and this part of the work of conflict transformation has always been what made me feel closest to the work that is to be done as a collective.

Good listening, writing

Name: Isa Prieto

Community: Forecomers

AV Work place: Botanical gardens

Relevant experience:

Name: Iyyappan Jayamoorthy

Community: Felicity

AV Work place: Easy Procurement Solutions

Relevant experience: Executive for Easy Procurement Solutions (a shared materials procurement unit) and part of ICC team.

Name: Kavitha Urvasie Selvaraj

Community: Sharanga

AV Work place: YouthLink

Relevant experience: Worked for Entry Service, NESS, L'avenir Research, Pitchandikulam/AVAG, founder and Executive of YouthLink.

Name: Lakshmi Venugopal

Community: Fertile

AV Work place: Pitchandikulam

Relevant experience: Facilitators pool, ICC.

Name: Mandakini Gupta

Community: Eternity

AV Work place: Eternity (Trubedoo Consulting address - in the process of registration in Av)

Relevant experience: Integral yoga, communication, collective working, facilitation, human conflicts, emotional literacy, administration, business management, networking with collaborators, project management (a to z), translating vision to action, policy / guidelines making, collective decision making.

Name: Maya Martens

Community: Invocation 4

AV Work place: WasteLess

Relevant experience: Experience in working with people, in WasteLess, and as a teacher in Future School has allowed me to have a lot of interaction with different people from different backgrounds and ages.

Name: Michael Granitzki

Community: Aurodam

AV Work place: Imago

Relevant experience:

Name: Rina

Community: Aspiration

AV Work place: Financial Service

Relevant experience: Friends circle & community experience

Name: Robert

Community: Luminosity

AV Work place:

Relevant experience: As an entrepreneur for the last 35 years, I am used to evaluating situations and suggest solutions and take decisions.

Name: Sam

Community: Citadines

AV Work place: Auroville Safety & Security Team

Relevant experience: Working with Auroville Security for the past 5 years and have been involve in conflict resolution. Studied Law & Sociology.

Name: Selvi Arumugam

Community: Shakthi

AV Work place: La boutique d'auroville -executive

Relevant experience: Teacher Transition school.

Name: Selvi

Community: Aspiration School Campus

AV Work place: Deepam Children with Special Needs, Aspiration

Relevant experience: Worked in AVC as full time member.

Name: Suhasini

Community: Prathna

AV Work place: 33 years as principal architect of architecture unit under CSR Trust

Relevant experience:

Name: Sundar Rajamani

Community: Douceur

AV Work place: La boutique d'auroville,visitor center, executive. Trustee of ARTISANA & Discovery Trust.

Relevant experience: 9 years ABC support group member, AVC, Housing board.

Name: Suryamayi

Community: Gaia

AV Work place:
- SAIIER research publications (project holder)
- Budget Coordination Committee (member)
- Auroville Research Platform (founding core team member)
- Awareness Through the Body Facilitator & Coordinator
- Citizens Assembly Exploration Team (core team member)
- Youth Housing Selection team member

Relevant experience: Having interned in a top legal mediation firms in the US.
A resource person for the Council in reviewing the TFRC.
Facilitation experience (within and without Auroville)

Name: Tomas

Community: Annapurna

AV Work place: Annapurna Farm

Relevant experience: TFRC, Clearance panel