In Entry Board 2019, Resource People

Would you like to be part of the new Entry Board?
Yes, I am happy to participate but only as a resource person or a Newcomer mentor

What are your aspiration and vision for this work?
clarity, commitment

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Time available as a resource person
Part Time

Which domains have you worked in at Auroville? And what are other areas of your interest?
Administration: 2x member of working committee;1x member of security as rap. of WC; 1x member av council,1x short time member of FAMC as member of WC; from 2013 to July 2018 resource person/member of the Entry Service task force/entry service secretary/member of the entry service database task force/mentor
School: teacher at Future school from 2002 to 2016
Outreach & rural development: working at AVAG since Jan 2018
My area of interest: clarity, work ethic and commitment

Please mention one or two key changes that you would like to see in the way the community welcome newcomers
correctness clarity

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